Fitbit Charge 3 Review: Take charge of your wellness objectives

From a greater presentation to enhanced battery life, Fitbit’s most current lead action tracker offers a ton to adore. However, is it extremely worth purchasing? Discover.

Along these lines, 2019 is here, and one of your goals for the new year is to show signs of improvement shape. You’ve chosen to jettison the lousy nourishment, gotten yourself a couple of running shoes, and are altogether siphoned up to shed those additional pounds. That is magnificent, however in case you’re truly going to do it, you might need to get yourself an action tracker also!


Fitbit Charge 3 is estimated at Rs 13,990.

The action tracker is water safe up to a profundity of 50m.

Having a touch-empowered OLED board, the Charge 3 can go as long as seven days on a solitary charge.

Viewed as curiosity contraptions just until a couple of years prior, movement trackers (or wellness trackers) have nearly turned into a need nowadays. In all actuality, the facts confirm that innovation alone can’t complete a thing except if you’re willing to receive a more beneficial way of life, yet these wearables certainly help, enabling you to follow everything from the nature of your rest to the quantity of calories you consume each day.

Fitbit’s been making wellness trackers for very a few years now, and is among the most notable names in the business with regards to wearable innovation. The organization as of late propelled its lead Charge 3 in India. Fitbit’s most recent action tracker accompanies a great deal of new highlights and enhancements, for example, a superior showcase, and water opposition. Nonetheless, taking into account that you can get a Xiaomi Mi Band 3 for a seventh of the Charge 3’s soliciting cost from Rs 13,990, does the majority of that significantly matter? Discover, in my broad survey of Fitbit Charge 3.

Structure And Build Quality

Despite the fact that its basic plan is to a great extent the equivalent, closer examination uncovers that Charge 3 incorporates a bundle of unobtrusive upgrades over 2016’s Charge 2 (which I likewise assessed). Produced using aviation review aluminum, the tracker module is lightweight and tough.

It has an on a level plane bended underside, and it’s the place you’ll locate the optical pulse sensor (alongside a little exhibit of throbbing LEDs), just as the accusing contacts that interface of the tracker’s clasp on charger to juice it up. The module includes an inductive catch on the left, which can be utilized to awaken the presentation and return one stage while exploring the tracker’s menu alternatives.

Fitbit Charge 3 accompanies a precious stone finished rubber treated band (in Small and Large tie sizes), which I observed to be very great amid the survey run. It’s sufficiently agreeable to be worn over expanded timeframes (counting when you’re resting), and except if attached too firmly, doesn’t bother the skin. Confining the band ties from the tracker is a stroll in the recreation center, because of the brisk discharge catches on the underside. In the event that you don’t care for the standard band, you can swap it out for a bunch of different styles (for example Horween Leather, Sport, and Woven), accessible for buy from Fitbit.

Show And Navigation

Covered up underneath the somewhat bended, Gorilla Glass 3-anchored best board of the Charge 3 is its presentation – a grayscale OLED screen. That may not sound energizing, but rather having seen the pixelated mess that was the Charge 2’s screen, I can say that the Charge 3’s illuminated board is a checked enhancement. Indeed, it’s small (despite the fact that Fitbit says the presentation on the Charge 3 is 40 percent greater than that on the Charge 2) and truly, there are thick bezels on each of the four sides, however the expanded goals makes on-screen components significantly progressively clear. Open air perceivability isn’t an issue either, and the presentation is superbly usable under direct daylight.

Fitbit Charge 3’s OLED board is contact empowered and utilizes signal based route. As a matter of course, the showcase demonstrates the time and date (alongside subtleties, for example, step tally and pulse, contingent on the chose clock-confront). Swiping from the best uncovers all the new warnings (from the cell phone the tracker is matched with), while swiping from the base demonstrates a continuous scrollable synopsis of your every day objective advancement, and the tracker’s battery status. Additionally, swiping from the correct gives you a chance to get to the on-board menu things, including objective based exercise following, cautions, and settings. Amid my time with the Charge 3, I observed the on-screen route to be incredibly great. Menu things are spread out great, and the inductive catch (with haptic input) makes things considerably less demanding.

Following Performance And App

Being Fitbit’s lead movement tracker, the Charge 3 is filled to the overflow with highlights. From floors moved to calories consumed, and from heartrate to quality/span of rest, it can follow pretty much any wellness related metric you can consider. Furthermore, kid, does it track them well!

I had the Charge 3 on my wrist essentially the whole time amid the whole survey run (around about fourteen days), and was shocked by how decisively it followed everything. Indeed, this thing is about 100 percent exact with regards to step and rest following. (All things considered, even the Charge 3, as most different trackers, frequently confounds driving/moving in a vehicle as strolling). The heartrate sensor includes Fitbit’s ‘PurePulse’ innovation and uses ongoing heartrate zones to enable you to loosen up utilizing ‘Guided Breathing Sessions’ (2/5 minutes long).

The tracker can consequently recognize various types of exercises (for example High impact exercise, Sports) and record important data. You can even look over an assortment of activities (for example Running, Bike Riding) and set customized objectives for them, and the Charge 3 will track everything and let you know how you did. The tracker even reminds you to take standard breaks and walk a couple of steps, in the event that it distinguishes that you’ve been inactive for a really long time. Because of its completely fixed development, the Charge 3 is water safe up to a profundity of 50 meters. In spite of the fact that I didn’t swim with it, the tracker rose solid in the wake of being completely submerged into water for a moment or thereabouts.

While the majority of that is extraordinary, I found the absence of a coordinated GPS to be somewhat of a setback. Fitbit Charge 3 utilizes your (matched) cell phone’s GPS to delineate exercises like runs and bicycle rides. It works fine, however thinking about that something like Huami Amazfit Bip offers on-board GPS for 33% of what the Charge 3 costs, I trust Fitbit could’ve incorporated the equivalent.

Obviously, this information caught by the Charge 3 is just a single vital part of the entire experience. What’s similarly (maybe, considerably progressively) imperative is the manner by which this information is exhibited to you, and that is the place the sidekick Fitbit application comes into the image. It logs all the wellness related measurements followed by the wearable and adjusts them to your (free) Fitbit account. Truth be told, you can’t start utilizing the Charge 3 except if you set it up by means of the application.

It’s hard not to get inspired by the abundance of information the Charge 3 logs continually, as you approach doing your day by day exercises. The default arrival segment of the application is the ‘Dashboard’, which gives a visual rundown of your day by day exercises and other key measurements, for example, step tally and heartrate.

The ‘Dashboard’ is adjustable, so you can pick which things show up on it. Tap on any of the abridged sections, and you’ll be flabbergasted at the Charge 3’s thorough following capacities. For example, if there should be an occurrence of rest following, you can not just observe the complete time you spent sleeping on some random night, yet in addition ‘how’ you dozed. The shading coded diagrams give point by point experiences about each phase of rest (for example REM, Light), with the goal that you can achieve your every day rest target and show signs of improvement rest. Same goes for different measurements too, which are given their very own itemized experiences.

Another area of the application is ‘Difficulties’, which gives you a chance to go up against your companions (gave they likewise use Fitbit trackers) in races, gutsy climbs, and comparative open air exercises. You can likewise participate in every day/end of the week challenges, investigate new trails, and that’s just the beginning. The ‘Direction’ segment is the place you investigate tweaked exercises, however you require the ‘Fitbit Coach’ application for that. At that point there’s ‘Locale’, which enables you to join gatherings of people having a similar wellness driven interests (for example Strolling, Healthy Eating) as yours. Finally, the ‘Warnings’ segment shows any new notices and messages that you might have.


Fitbit says the Charge 3 is their most progressive tracker ever, and I certainly agree with that announcement. It has a truckload of highlights, can follow pretty much every wellness related measurement out there, and the battery life isn’t half terrible either. Of course, there are a couple of ‘issues’ (for example no-locally available GPS, infrequently sporadic matching up), yet they are no major issues. As a total bundle, the Charge 3 is each piece worth its soliciting cost from Rs 13,990.

In any case, you additionally can’t overlook the way that Fitbit Charge 3 costs equivalent to a mid-go cell phone. To spend that much cash on a movement tracker, you should be outrageously genuine about your own wellbeing objectives. In the event that that is actually the sort of wellness aficionado you are (and have been, for a long time), I completely suggest you get the Charge 3. Then again, in case you’re simply beginning on your voyage to a more advantageous way of life, Fitbit Charge 3 and its clothing rundown of treats will be needless excess for you. All things considered, you can go for increasingly reasonable choices like Huami Amazfit Bip, or even Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pr